Is it Possible to be happy everyday?

Pure Joy in Dancing
Beauty everywhere

I am a homeschooling momma of 4 ( only home school 3)and a SAHM, with a side skin care business. To say we are busy, is an understatement. We school in the morning, homeschool activities in early afternoon then after school activities until most nights at 9. Some weeks pass by and I do not even know what we did that week. All I can remember is driving and sitting in my car waiting…………But then I think back to that little silly smile my youngest gave me when I woke her up, or the totally blonde moment my very dark-haired child said or the moment my middle child asked for a hug, “for no reason”. There is always beauty around us, beside us, inside us, looking at us and waiting for us to take it in, enjoy it, and just be Happy!!


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